Artificial Intelligence at the Service of ADAS Calibration
Thanks to the TechPRO® Digital ADAS line, every workshop can easily perform ADAS systems maintenance. Thanks to the powerful Keystone system (patent pending), to the vehicle recognition through license plate reading, and to the fully automatic measurement, you will complete your calibration in just a few minutes.

TechPRO® Digital ADAS 2.0
The identification of model and control unit of ADAS systems mounted on vehicles has never been so quick! Thanks to the license plate recognition function (*), and to the help of a special camera, the instrument is able to immediately recognize the systems to be calibrated. No indecision or waste of time: just a click!

(*) Optional function, available in the markets where SKIP TechPRO® is active.

Fully automatic calibration in the blink of an eye
It seemed impossible before, but the Digital ADAS 2.0 evolution cuts calibration time even further! Thanks to special laser meters directly connected to the diagnostic tool, TechPRO® Digital ADAS 2.0 can directly acquire all the parameters related to the vehicle alignment, which are transmitted to TechPRO®, allowing you to execute the calibration immediately. Even the vertical positioning of the monitor is automatically handled from the diagnostic interface display, through a simple command which allows to reach the correct position, according to manufacturer specifications.

3D tutorials to get it right
Each car manufacturer has its own specific calibration procedures that the operator must perform to complete the adjustment. With Digital ADAS 2.0, you won’t have any uncertainty! From the diagnostic tool, you can play clear 3D video tutorials, which are directly shown on the Digital ADAS 2.0 display, showing all procedure steps.

Keystone System (patent pending)
It is still the beating heart of Digital ADAS technology made by MAHLE. Keystone (patent pending) is the technology that allows the calibration target to be perfectly aligned with the car, without having to move the car an inch. Thanks to a special software, the angle of view of the camera or radar can be determined with extreme precision. The procedure and the proposed target will be correctly positioned and adapted in order to conduct the calibration in the optimal way and with full certainty of result.